On March 12, 2018 we lost Amanda.

To be clear, by lost I don’t mean that Amanda passed way but rather I mean we lost her to the mental illness that has gripped her for far too long.

Even though we were expecting it, and we knew the next crisis was about to happen, another failure by choice rather than circumstance, it was still a shock. Like being stuck in traffic and looking in your rear view mirror at an approaching car that you know is not going to stop, knowing it will hit you, but also knowing there is nothing you can do to prevent the impact and the resulting damage.

Yet there is always hope. Hope is, after all, what defines us. Even though we know we can’t avoid the impact, right up until the very last moment, we hope, and we hope, and we hope…

Then, WHAM, just like that – she was gone from our lives.

Sometimes the protagonist of the story, just doesn’t make it home.

This site is being setup in Amanda’s name to help:

  • those who have lost someone incredible, like Amanda,┬áto find the resources that they need to cope with the loss
  • those who are suffering from mental illness to cope with mental illness in a natural, drug free, way


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