I don’t usually read this stuff, but…

That one you wrote that started with what Dr. Harris said, “Over the years, I’ve worked with literally thousands of people who have put their hopes, dreams and ambitions on hold because they ‘don’t have enough confidence’. And the sad thing is, this lack of confidence is not due to any fault of their own. It is certainly not because of stupidity, or laziness, or negative thinking, or a deprived childhood, or a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is simply because they do not know the rules of the confidence game.” Well, those words smacked me right in the face. And when I finished swearing, they made me read that book. Now that I’ve learned the rules, my mountain of sadness and broken promises to myself will not run the NEXT 10 years. I’ve read it 4 times. New rules. New game. Bring it!

Greg House

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