Finally, good Chili

I have to admit I was miffed when you said not to rely on any big recipe site or even you to make good chili. I just kept trying different recipes hoping one would taste like the chili from youth group when I was a kid, but they never did. Finally, I did what you suggested. I stopped hoping for the perfect recipe from on high and I started making one myself. Like this: Make recipe. Enough beans? Right kind of beans? No. No. Adjust recipe. Then, make recipe. Are the beans right? Yes. What about the meat? I’ve been working at it for over a year and when I made chili for dinner on Halloween, it was really good. Who knew that relying on yourself to make things better would taste so delicious? And we had the sweetest little vampire come by. He had a bat for a bowtie. Adorable!

Jenny Israel Lundquist

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