I just want to give her a hug

My little sister’s growing hostility in very poor soil. Her kitchen has always been a bit of a mess because she doesn’t pay attention to it on a regular basis, that’s all. But it wears on her. Anyway, I made your chili and cornbread when they came over last weekend and her husband devoured the cornbread. I listened attentively as she told him that she could never eat cornbread ever since I had told her the corn was ground between two skulls in ancient Mexico. That was news to me. When we were kids she refused to eat so many dishes, especially anything new our Mother made, like cornbread. It was great and I tried to get her to try it but she was tucked up in the corner of her comfort zone and even gentle coaxing just made her furious. Maybe because she had squeezed herself into a comfort zone so small she couldn’t breathe properly so she always had a headache. She tries to keep that same hostility standing between us. It keeps her from hugs but I still love her to pieces and I miss her terribly, even from across the dining room table. Her husband is really a lovely man. How does she keep herself from knowing that his heart is big enough to love both her and my cornbread?

Sharmin Adams

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