I’m my own woman now

I’ve always been afraid to not follow the rules. I’d follow recipes to the letter, even if I’d made it and didn’t like it, I’d make it the same way again. So I tried your insane suggestion. I’d ask each dish, “What small thing could I do to make you better?” and, by gosh, they started answering me. I’d try what the dish suggested and marvelous things started to happen. Now I’m on a new path with my friends, the recipes, along for company. This hasn’t always made me popular with everyone – there’s never been black beans in the tacos before. But I’m popular with me. It’s so simple. I discover what I want to do next. I don’t invent it. I don’t stress about what I think others might say. I don’t give in to the pressure on the cooking sites. I just tune out the noise of everyone else and myself talking or thinking and I listen for that still, small voice. Ha, who knew the voice of God would say, “Why don’t you add a can of black beans?”


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